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10 of the Most Important Things To Do Before You Move

Moving can be a daunting task. But, chin up! It doesn't have to be if you're smart about how to best prepare for your new life in a new place. With a little forethought and proactivity, you'll be all set for the big day. Here are 10 of the most important things to do before you make ... View the full post »

One Simple Seafood Recipe You Need to Make

Whether you're at the beach or wishing you were at the beach, you can make this simple yet scrumptious seafood dish with only one pan and a few ingredients. It's perfect to make any time you want a taste of the beach. Of course we recommend that you buy fresh shrimp from a local Topsail ... View the full post »

Real Estate Lingo You Need to Know

    Whether you're a buyer or a seller, familiarizing yourself with the acronyms, terms and definitions frequently used in the real estate market is a helpful tool when preparing to make wise decisions and be informed when the time comes to do so. Instead of allowing yourself to ge... View the full post »

How to Declutter Your Home (and Your Life)

Decluttering a home can seem like an utterly overwhelming task. You may not even know where to start. Don't worry, we all feel that way sometimes, especially when it comes to tackling large projects such as this. It's much easier to break down a monumental task into simpler, smaller ones... View the full post »

How to Make Your Topsail Rental More Marketable

The vacation rental market is highly competitive. In a sea of beautiful beach homes, cozy cottages, modern condos and endless vacation rentals, what can you do to ensure that your Topsail rental (or any vacation rental for that matter) gets noticed? That's a really excellent question and one... View the full post »

How to Sell Your Home in 3 Easy Steps

Selling your home doesn't have to be stressful. Focus on the end goal and be proactive from the get-go, and you'll find that it's not as overwhelming as it may seem. We've broken down the home selling process into three easy yet essential steps. Make sure to do these and be... View the full post »

Coastal Property Q and A: What You Need to Know

The buying, selling and ownership of coastal property has a set of considerations all its own. What do you need to know when pursuing ownership of the beach home of your dreams? Let us help by answering the most frequently asked questions about beach real estate. You have questions, we have answ... View the full post »

How To Easily Calculate a Mortgage You Can Afford

  A home purchase is one of the biggest investments of a lifetime, so of course you want to be wise and make sure you stay within the boundaries of your budget. So exactly how do you calculate a mortgage you can afford? It's easy! Follow these steps and you're well on your way. ... View the full post »

How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space

Maximizing your outdoor living space at your beach home or vacation rental is well worth your time and effort. If you live at the beach or you own a vacation rental at the beach, then you already know that a lot of time is spent immersing oneself in the gorgeous coastal ambience and reveling in ... View the full post »

Top 10 Real Estate Resources You Need to Know About

Everyone should have an extensive real-estate resource arsenal whether you're looking to buy a home, sell a home, or find yourself anywhere in between. Knowledge is power and when it comes to big investments like home and property, of course you want to be well informed. You also want to have pr... View the full post »

How to Make Your Beach House the Best It Can Be

Whether you own a summer beach house, an investment property or a beach vacation rental, it's important that you give your home a little TLC before the busy summer season arrives. With family and friends visiting or vacationers and guests arriving, getting your beach house in tip-top shape befor... View the full post »

What You Need to Know About Coastal Decor Trends This Year

Are you wondering what's hot and what's not in this year's interior design trends? Look no further! We're highlighting some of the best and newest home design and decor looks for 2017 that happen to work especially well in coastal homes, beach houses and vacation rentals. Here are a few of... View the full post »

3 Reasons to Book Your Topsail Island Vacation Early

Think it seems too soon to book your summer vacation? Let us change your mind. Here are the top three reasons to book your Topsail Island vacation early! Give us a call at 855-288-9345 to speak with one of our Vacation Specialists, or visit our website here to book online... View the full post »

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Vacation Rental Rise to the Top

If you have ownership of an investment property or are a vacation rental home owner, you know how important it is to keep your property marketable and how vital it is to maintain a steady stream of renters and vacationers. But the real questions is, how do you best do that? How do you make your ... View the full post »

How to Save Money for a Down Payment on a House

Let's talk about down payments. Coming up with tens of thousands of dollars for a down payment can seem like a monumental challenge, especially if you're already bogged down with other responsibilities like student loans, car payments, rent—and, well, life as we know it. While there are loans... View the full post »