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10 Things You Should Look for in a Real Estate Agent

*UPDATED AUGUST 2020Not all real estate agents are created equal! What makes a real estate agent rise to the top of their field? What sets a realtor above the rest in such a competitive profession? These are good questions to ask yourself. When it comes to choosing a real estate ... View the full post »

The 3 Most Popular Reasons People Relocate to Topsail Island

You already know that Topsail Island is a beach-lover's favorite vacation destination. But what if a week or two out of the year isn't enough? What if you want more Topsail in your life? Have you ever considered relocating here and making Topsail Island your permanent residence? If so, you're... View the full post »

How to Make Topsail Island Iced Tea in 3 Easy Steps

We bet you didn't know that there is a signature cocktail called Topsail Island Iced Tea. Well, there is! This one is for the over-21 crowd only, though. It packs a punch and goes down easy (a little too easy, so be careful). This local twist on the well-known classic Long Island Iced Tea is per... View the full post »

Top 5 Topsail Vacation Rental Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

     When it comes to planning your vacation, there's a lot to consider. There's no need for stress or worry, though. Booking a Topsail vacation rental is quick and easy. Once that's in place, you're well on your way to island paradise.   To help you have ... View the full post »