10 Reasons to Be Thankful for Topsail Island Life

10 Reasons To Be Thankful For Topsail Island Life | Century 21 Action

There are many things to be thankful for here on Topsail Island, North Carolina. These are just 10 things we appreciate about our little barrier island on the coast of North Carolina that we are blessed to call home. Here are just a few reasons why we love where we live and appreciate what it has to offer us every single day.

We are truly thankful that Topsail Island is....

1. Resilient 

No matter what is thrown our way, the Topsail Island communities are strong, resourceful and ready to take action. Life isn't perfect but it's a lot easier knowing that we can count on each other—our families, our friends, and our neighbors—to pull together and tackle any challenges that come our way.

2. Beautiful

It goes without saying that we live in an absolutely gorgeous coastal setting. From blazing sunrises and sunsets to the crashing waves of the expansive Atlantic Ocean and the calm, tranquil soundside waters, Topsail Island is truly a little piece of paradise. We get to step outside and behold the beauty of coastal North Carolina every single day. What's not to love?

3. Peaceful

Let's not take the gift of peacefulness for granted. We're an island unto ourselves, literally and figuratively. We're off the mainland so we're a little more secluded from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. Instead, we savor the laid-back beach vibes and the opportunity to be on island time, where there's the ability to savor the moments and soak up the peaceful ambiance that Topsail Island living provides us. 

4. Welcoming

Despite the close-knit ties of our local communities on Topsail Island, we are welcoming to visitors and vacationers as well. We know the uniqueness of Topsail Island is a draw to those who are seeking a quintessential beach experience without the distractions that come along with vacationing at the bigger beach areas along the East Coast. We are happy to share our island home with others who value what the island has to offer, even when it means that it gets a little busier and more crowded than we as residents are used to most of the time. 

5. Historic

The history of our island is a fascinating study. With deep maritime roots and traditions combined with ever-growing and ever-changing life on the island over the decades, getting to know Topsail Island past, present and future is well worth devoting some time to. With fabulous local resources and people who work to preserve the local history, events and foundations of the island, you're never short of experiences to be had, stories to hear, and knowledge to gain.

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6. Community-Centered

We've already mentioned that we value our local community and our network of neighbors, families and friends who are the heart and soul of Topsail Island, but it's worth reiterating. We value living in a place where relationships are formed and kept, the community spirit is alive and well, and where people come together for the greater good. You can find that here on Topsail Island without a doubt.

7. Laid Back

Combine beach life and island living, and you get the perfect state of being, in our opinion. Life is a little slower here and we don't mind it one bit. It allows us more time for focusing on what really matters. You can find the busyness of life in most places, but where can you go to get a break from it all? Here, right here. 

8. Mindful

Topsail Island residents are a little more mindful of our surroundings and environment than most because it's a vital part of our everyday living. The sand, shore and sea are a constant here and we work hard to maintain and protect it all. From our homes to our businesses to our recreation, it all revolves around the natural elements. We would be foolish not to be mindful of the things that give us the quality of life we know and love. 

9. Growing

Topsail Island is not the secret beach vacation destination that it once was. With increased media attention coupled with word of mouth, it's steadily becoming more popular with visitors and vacationers who seek to relax and reconnect with the unique beauty and vacation experience offered here in Topsail, NC. It's no surprise that the population of Topsail Island is expected to double by the year 2020. With growth comes additional challenges, but we are equipped to handle them and constantly working to adjust to what changes come our way. 

10. Loved

Topsail Island is loved by so many, and the above 10 things are just some of the many reasons why. We can't help but be humbled by its beauty, awed by what it offers us on a daily basis, and proud to call it home. We love you Topsail Island, North Carolina! Thank you for being you. 

What makes you thankful for Topsail?

We would really love to hear it! Add your comment below and let's share the appreciation and love we have for Topsail, NC.

10 Reasons To Be Thankful For Topsail Island Life | Century 21 Action

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