10 Things You May Not Know About the Surf City Dolphin Dip

10 Things You May Not Know About the Surf City Dolphin Dip

As 2015 starts wrapping up and we look ahead to the New Year in 2016, there's plenty to look forward to as January 1 approaches. We're already excited about the annual Surf City Dolphin Dip at the Roland Avenue beach access on Topsail Island.

It's all about starting the New Year off with a splasha very invigorating one! You may have heard about the flocks of people who dare to do chilly dip in the Atlantic, but how much do you really know about the Dolphin Dip?

10 Things You May Not Know About the Surf City Dolphin Dip

1. It's for a good cause.2016 Dolphin Dip

Every year the Dolphin Dip raises money for worthy local charities. This year is no different. The 2016 beneficiaries are Autism Support And Programs (ASAP) and Share the Table.

Take a few minutes to see what last year's Dolphin Dip funded! Truly awesome.

2. It has a carnival-like atmosphere.

Don't be surprised to see belly dancers, aerial performers, costumed characters, and entertainment of all sorts at this event. That's why you should come at 11a.m. when all of the fun begins before the actual dip at noon.

3. There's a costume contest.

Yes, yes there is. Get creative and come out decked out in your best costume. Prizes are awarded in a variety of categories. If you're going to do The Dip, you might as well go all out. Right?

4. There really are dolphins.

It's been said that there's a dolphin sighting every year on the day of the event. Just another reason to bring your camera!

5. It's cleansing.

When you ask people why on earth they would want to such a thing, you'd be surprised at how many people see this event as a symbolic way to start the New Year with a clean slate by washing away the past and celebrating with a new start. Pretty deep, isn't it?

6. It's empowering.

Another big reason that so many people love doing the Dolphin Dip every time January 1 rolls around is that they find it empowering. If you can take a running leap into the brisk Atlantic waters during the dead of winter, then you've already conquered your first resolution and it leaves you pretty motivated about accomplishing the remainder. It's all about perspective.

7. Your friends can sponsor you.

You can quickly and easily set up your own Dolphin Dip fundraising campaign. When the big day arrives, there's a prize for the person who has raised the most money. Don't wait, set up your page and share the link with your family and friends. It only takes a few minutes! Click on the raise funds link to get started.

8. Thousands of people do it.

Numbers for this event reach about 4,000 annually. It's a pretty big deal here in Topsail. Bring your family, bring your friends and see why it's a local favorite.

9. The Dolphin Dip T-Shirt contest is held each year at Topsail High School.

Congratulations to Jacob Longbine, winner of the 2016 Dolphin Dip T-Shirt Contest! This year's design looks amazing and there's always tough competition each year, making it hard to pick a winner.

10. You can be a spectator.

Just so you know, even if you don't want to actually do The Dip, you can still come and cheer on those who do. Enjoy all of the festivities without getting wet. Come and see what it's all about and then think about participating in an upcoming year. We're pretty sure you'll be motivated to do it once you see what it's all about.

On that note, we've included a Dolphin Dip video for your viewing pleasure. It's a great little clip about the event, so be sure to check it out.

Will you be doing The Dip this year on Topsail Island? Let us know!

*Photo Credit: Dolphin Dip Facebook Page

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