10 Tips for Preparing Your Vacation Rental for Next Season

10 Tips for Preparing Your Vacation Rental for Next Season

As the calendar year wraps up, our thoughts naturally look toward the new year and what is to come. If you're a vacation rental owner, you're probably reflecting on the past rental season and looking ahead to the next.

What things can you do to make your vacation rental the best it can be for the busy rental season? A lot. Read up on these 10 tips and you'll be well on your way. Don't let the busy season sneak up on you, act now!

10 Tips for Preparing Your Vacation Rental for Next Season

1. Replace worn out items. Are your throw pillows looking a bit worn? What about your area rugs? Lamp shades looking worse for wear? It's in your best interest as a vacation rental owner to take the initiative and go ahead and replace the little things that may be making a big (possibly negative) impact on your guests. You know how the saying goes: the devil is in the details.

Deep Cleaning a Vacation Rental
2. Do a thorough cleaning. After a busy rental season and year, you're property will most definitely need a deep cleaning. Get in there and do it yourself or hire a cleaning company to do it for you.

3. Repaint and do touch-ups. You don't have to repaint everything, but look carefully at the most used areas and the areas that are most visible like the entryway, living room, kitchen, etc. Do it yourself or hire a local professional.

4. Replace tired linens and towels. As previously mentioned, the little things mean a lot. If your linens and towels are worn or tired and uncomfortable, it will make a lasting impression on your guestsand not a good one. Upgrading the linens to a higher thread count and choosing towels that are soft and extra fluffy are worth the extra expense in the long run.

5. Replace saggy, lumpy or uncomfortable mattresses. You most definitely want your guests to have a wonderful night's sleep each and every night. They are on vacation after all. Do a mattress check and make see if any are in need of replacement.

6. Peruse your serving ware. One of the perks of a vacation rental is the advantage of having a kitchen. Make sure your glasses, dishes, mugs and other kitchen ware are free from chips and cracks. New sets may be in order and can be found at reasonable prices at area retailers such as Target, Walmart, Pier One and the like.
Outdoor Deck Furniture
7. Check your deck. Outdoor spaces are important! Guests look forward to spending time there so be sure it's a welcoming, inviting and relaxing space. Give your outdoor furniture a quick inspection and see if it needs cleaning, fixing or replacing. Cleaning wood with Murphy's Oil Soap, touching up any chipped paint, and replacing worn out, stained or sun-bleached cushions are inexpensive ways to brighten up your outdoor space.

8. Spruce up a blank wall. Do you have any blank walls that are screaming for some attention? Why not spruce them up with some prints, photographs or simple wall decorations. It helps give your rental a more personal touch and ties your other room elements together with flair.

9. Replace outdated TVs. If you haven't upgraded to flat-screen TVs yet, you should. Old televisions immediately date your rental.

10. Give your rental a once-over.
Step into your vacation rental and try to look at it with a guest's eyes. What grabs your attention? Does anything stand out that needs attending to? It might even be helpful to bring a family member or friend to do this for you, since they have a fresh set of eyes and may spot things that you don't. Get their first impression and address any concerns.

We hope these tips are things you'll consider putting into practice now. It's always best to be proactive! You'll be ready for next season and not scrambling to address issues during the busy season or in-between guest bookings.

Do you have any tips for preparing a vacation rental for the busy season? Share with uswe'd love to hear them!

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