5 Home Safety Tips You Need to Know

5 Home Safety Tips You Need to Know

You can't put a price tag on peace of mind. Securing one of your biggest life investments, your home, is crucial. Making sure you do all you can to keep your home, your belongings and your family protected is a high priority for any homeowner. With optimal safety and security in mind, here are the top 5 home safety tips you need to know about. How many do you currently use?


Lock it up.Lock it Up


Using secure locks seems like a no-brainer. But those locks won't protect you if you're not actually using them. Check your window and door locks every time you leave to make sure that your home is safe and secure. 

Light it up. 


Motion sensor lighting and a well lit home are two ways to deter anyone from considering breaking into your home. It makes it much harder to go unnoticed when entryways and doors are fully lit, and when additional lighting around the home is activated by movement. 

Secure it.


Check the security of your garage. If your car is parked outside, don't leave the garage door opener in it. Check the security of your fence and gate. Are they locked up? Check the security of any and all entryways into your house to make sure they are locked and fully secure. Burglars are opportunistic, so don't make it easy or inviting for them. Your goal is to make your house the least desirable one to break in to by upping the security wherever possible. Don't hide your spare key on the premises or in a place that you think is hidden but that a burglar can easily find with a little bit of searching. Opt to leave it with a trustworthy neighbor instead.

Alarm it.Alarm


Yes, alarm systems are a monetary investment but worth the peace of mind. It's an added layer of protection that might be worth considering. With today's technology, you can easily monitor your home while you're there and while you're away for optimal safety and security all from your phone, tablet or computer. Most home insurance policies give discounts on your premiums if you have a home security or alarm system installed, which is an added incentive.

Watch it.


One of the best defenses against burglary and theft is a watchful neighbor. It doesn't cost anything to ask one of your trusted neighbors to keep an eye on things for you and let you know of any unusual or suspicious activity. Better yet, start up a neighborhood or community watch where you all work together for the overall safety and security of those around you. 


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What safety tips and tricks do you use to protect your home? We'd love to hear them! Our comment section is open 24/7.

5 Home Safety Tips You Need to Know

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