5 of the Most Refreshing Drinks to Sip on the Beach

5 of the Most Refreshing Drinks to Sip on the Beach | Century 21 Action

Hot beach days call for ice-cold drinks! Sure, you can stick to the classics like Southern sweet tea and fresh squeezed lemonade if you so choose. You could also take your drink game to the next level with a beach cocktail that all the adults among you are sure to love. (You can also easily modify these cocktails to mocktails if you want, so no one is feeling left out.) Try making these in your Topsail beach house any time of year. These are five of our favorite most refreshing beach cocktails. Cheers!

Topsail Island NC Iced Tea in a Tall Glass | Century 21 Action Topsail Realty

Topsail Island Iced Tea

This is a twist on the classic with a touch of Topsail. This Topsail Island Iced Tea comes from Our State magazine and is a real crowd pleaser. It could easily be your signature drink and is a great conversation piece for when you're entertaining at home. Just take it slow as they go down easy but pack a real punch. Mix one up and let us know what you think! Click here for the Topsail Island Iced Tea Recipe. 

Blue mermaid lemonade in glasses with umbrellas | Century 21 Action Topsail Realty

Mermaid Lemonade

You could drink regular lemonade or you could drink mermaid lemonade. Is it really even a choice? These festive drinks capture the colors of the beach and taste good too! Layers of lemonade, white rum, and blue curacao come together to give you a beautiful and beachy drink. The umbrella is optional but we think it is a great touch. You are at the beach after all. Click here for the Mermaid Lemonade Recipe.

Frozen Prosecco in Champagne Glasses | Century 21 Action Topsail Realty

Frozen Prosecco

This drink is a little more work than it sounds like it would be, but it is totally worth it. Grab your favorite bottle of Prosecco or any other champagne you like, and then combine it with a simple syrup and lemon combo Freeze it and scrape it. It's basically the best adult slushy ever. Just remember it takes a little advance planning, but it's a wonderfully refreshing way to enjoy this drink. Get the Frozen Prosecco Recipe here. 

Layered colorful fruit in a tall glass with a straw | Century 21 Action Topsail Realty

Rainbow Sangria

Not only will you find this drink to stunning to look it with its layers of colors, but you'll also be getting daily dose of fruit too. Layer your favorite fruits as you please, mix up the easy Sangria recipe and pour it right over the top. This drink is really more like a snack! It can easily be modified for kids by subbing out the Sangria for sparkling water or a lemon-lime soda. You'll probably need a spoon for this one! Get the Rainbow Sangria Recipe here.

Pina Coladas in Pineapple Cups with Umbrellas | Century 21 Action Topsail Realty

Pineapple Piña Coladas

Take your piña colada to the next level by serving it up in a pineapple cup. Yes, it takes a little more effort but it is a really fun way to sip this beach drink. A pineapple corer makes the job a lot easier, so you may want to consider that before trying to make this drink. Fresh pineapple blended up with coconut cream: what's not to love? This is a lovely drink to serve up to your sweetheart. Don't forget the umbrellas! You can find the Pineapple Piña Colada Recipe here.

5 of the Most Refreshing Drinks to Sip on the Beach | Century 21 Action


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