5 Things You Should Do for Your Rental in the Off Season

After a busy rental season, your vacation rental deserves some TLC. With guests coming and going and back-to-back bookings, it's hard to get in there during the peak season to attend to all the things you want to, so spending some quality time with your rental during the lull between seasons or in the shoulder and off seasons is very necessary. Here are five things you should get in there and do before the next wave of peak rental rental times is once again upon you. 

1. Make your rental sparkle and shine.

You don't have the time or opportunity to deep clean your rental from top to bottom when you have continual guests. And then there's the normal wear and tear that comes with the territory. Once you have some gaps in your bookings, you can take a few days to make sure that those areas that are missed during the regular cleaning are attended to. The inside of drawers, under and behind appliances, and the AC and air vents are a few places you'll want to give some extra attention to.

2. Take stock of the supplies in your rental.

It's critical to take stock of your supplies, restock, and assess what your guests really need and make sure it's all ready and available to them. Kitchen basics, paper products, and cleaning necessities should all be stocked up and ready for the season. You can (and should) restock these items between stays as needed, but starting out your busy season with a full inventory will save your guests from a trip to the store when they run out of something.

3. Do a walk-through of your property.

Do a walk-through of your vacation rental inside and out. Check that all appliances and electronics are in working order. Inspect light bulbs and replace where needed. Check the batteries for remotes and smoke detectors throughout each of your rooms. Walk around the interior and exterior of your home and look for anything that stands out as needing repair or attention. Make sure to take care of whatever small touch ups are needed so that your home doesn’t look worn down for your busiest rental period, and to keep it in good condition.

4. Offer the best rental experience.

Do at least one thing to improve your guests' rental experience this year and take it to the next level of service. Have you been going the extra mile for your guests? Do you provide them with an experience that blows their expectations out of the water? Do you do things that make your vacation rental stand out from the rest? Every busy season is your best opportunity to build up a large collection of happy customers, and a perfect chance to bolster your listing with a big influx of positive reviews. 

5. Be organized for the busy rental season.

Get all of your ducks in a row before the busy rental season ever starts. The first thing you should do is make sure your calendar is completely up-to-date, and that your service providers have been scheduled to tend to your property when they need to. Another very important part of preparing for a high volume of guests is making sure that your vacation rental listing is still accurate. Have you made any changes? Does your rental offer all that you say it does? Are the photos up-to-date? You need to get completely organized ahead of your first check-in so that you don’t make a mistake before, during, or after a guests’ stay at your rental.

You can read more about how to prepare your vacation rental for the busy season here. We hope you've found these tips helpful. Cheers to the best vacation rental season yet!

What things do you do to prepare your vacation rental for the peak season?

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