6 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

We're all spending a lot more time at home these days. You may find your house taking on the roles of office, classroom, gym and community center. How is that going for you? Do you feel that your home is where you can do all these things—and where you and your family can relax, too? Our homes are being used for more than they used to be with the changing days and times. But it's equally important that your home feels like a sanctuary where you can get away from it all, even when you're there a lot of the time. Here are a few tips on just how to do all that. It's easier than you think!

1. Make the best use of the space you have.

It's helpful to have designated spaces for important tasks. It helps to compartmentalize areas of your home that make it conducive to certain activities, so you don't feel overwhelmed with how to manage it all and juggle the differing responsibilities of your family. 

Harry Heissmann, an interior designer based in Brooklyn, NY suggests assigning specific areas for fitness, work and leisure: “We dug out a yoga mat from under the bed and dedicated an area to working out. The desk in the living room was cleaned and organized and serves as a ‘command station’ for going online and making phone calls. The bedroom doubles as another workspace and is perfect for napping or watching movies in bed.” If you live in a studio, you can simulate separate “rooms” by splitting up the space with curtains, bookshelves or other furniture.

2. Streamline and declutter.

When all of your family is using the same space at home for more than its intended purpose, it's important that you have the room to do what you need. Decluttering your living areas and removing anything that's not needed is a quick and easy way to streamline your space. Clearing out the clutter can help lower your stress levels, too, so it's definitely a win-win. Start small in a room that seems manageable to you, and you'll feel a sense of accomplishment in no time. Decluttering a room goes well beyond just the aesthetics—it helps clear your mind of clutter, too.

3. Allow space in your home for digital detox.

Just as you need to make space for all the tasks your family needs to accomplish, and where you can stay plugged in to the world around you, you also need to carve out some areas where you can detox digitally (and otherwise). Create spaces in your kids' rooms where they can curl up and read a book. Ban technology and devices from your dinner table. Carve out a cozy space where your family can come together and play games or just sit around and chat. 

4. Let in natural light and bring the outside in.

Right now you're probably not going and doing the things you were a year ago. It's easy to find yourself stuck inside more than you intend to be. While you're at home, make sure you're welcoming nature inside your walls and rooms. One super simple ways to do that is to let the natural light in wherever possible: pull back the curtains, draw up the blinds, and find ways to let that sunshine fill your home space. Try setting up your desk near a window. 

You can also bring some of the beautiful greenery that you find outside into your home. Plants, flowers, seashells, and trees are easy ways to green up your house and fill it with the natural world. Summer Rayne Oakes, host of Plant One On Me, says, “If there’s one thing that makes a space feel livable, it’s some elements of green.” Not only do plants bring light and color, they also add oxygen to your home and bring life to your surroundings. Just be mindful of the amount of care and devotion you are willing and able to give, and also make sure the conditions in your home are suitable for the kind of plant life you're bringing inside. 

5. Be mindful of all five of senses in your home. 

Your home is not just what you see. It's a feeling of comfort and safety. It's a familiar smell. It's a taste of mom's home cooking. Engage all five of your senses of your home right now and assess. What do you see? Hear? Smell? Feel? Do things that boost those senses and make you and your family feel even more at home. Whether you put a vase of fresh flowers that lightly scent the air, brighten the room with a new potted plant, light a candle, or crack open a window and let the fresh breeze in—these little things make a powerful impact on your mood, and your family's collective mood too. 

6. Stay flexible and be willing to make changes as your family's needs change.

If there's one lesson we've probably all learned this year, it's to be flexible. Adjusting to the ever-changing world around us is critical for just surviving the day to day, but it's also part of maintaining a growth mindset throughout life. As your family's needs grow and change, so will your home. That's how it should be! Do your best to go with the flow, take a deep breath, and when you see an opportunity to change something for the better—do it! Get your family onboard not only with their input as to their needs and wants, but also as part of the team that is working together for the greater good of everyone. 

WHAT SIMPLE Ways DO you make your HOME FEEL RELAXING & functional?

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6 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

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