Do Furnished Homes Have an Advantage on the Market?

Do Furnished Homes Have an Advantage on the Market? | Century 21 Action

To sell furnished or unfurnished? That is the question! Today we're taking a looking at the pros and cons of selling your home as a blank canvas for buyers to decorate as they wish or alternatively as an already visualized space with all the comforts of home and design already in place. Here are some points to ponder when making that decision.

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Advantages of Selling a Home Furnished

Probably one of the biggest advantages of selling a home furnished and move-in-ready is that you've taken out the guess work when it comes to the layout and placement of the furnishing and decor—and some buyers will prefer that. The ‘charm factor’ of the house makes it feel more like a home rather than just an empty building—and with less decisions to make. In some situations, great furniture can improve the value of your home. But for simplicity's sake, you won't want to factor in your furniture when settling on your list price but negotiated separately.

Helps Visualization

Helps the buyer see how the space can be used, which can be difficult when viewing empty rooms and spaces.

Better Aesthetics

If done right, it is simply more aesthetically appealing than an empty house while also leaving a lasting impression.

Disguises Imperfections

Furnishings and decor help to cover any small imperfections such as chipped paint or scratched floors.

Disadvantages of Selling a Furnished Home 

Selling your home furnished can come with some considerations that should be weighed carefully. First and foremost, your furnishings have to be quite current, well maintained, and appeal to a variety of potential home buyers. You want to showcase the best of your home without detracting from it because of how its decorated. If your furnishings add to the appeal of your home, then it's worthwhile pursuing (especially if you're not planning on moving that furniture into another home). If not, your furnishings can be a deal breaker.

Can Be Inconvenient

If you leave the home furnished but a buyer prefers it unfurnished, then you'll have to remove what's in the home quickly (or the buyer will have to) to close the deal.

Style Differences

Unappealing furnishings can reduce the aesthetics of your home. Or simply a difference in home decor tastes and preferences can be a detractor.

Risk of Clutter

Leaving your home furnished increases the risk of your home looking too cluttered. Overcrowding a room can make it appear smaller also. Choose wisely!

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Advantages of Selling a Home Unfurnished

If your buyers have imagination and a desire to create their home the way they want it, then selling an unfurnished home, or a lightly staged one, will be appealing to them. You are presenting them with the potential to create and highly personalize the space they want to spend their time in. Perhaps they already have furnishings they love and want to be part of their new home. This gives buyers the flexibility to create the home of their dreams with the design and style elements they prefer or already have in their possession.

Presents a Blank Canvas

If the prospective buyers have good imagination and vision, they may prefer this to a furnished house. There is a lot more flexibility and the buyer has more freedom of choice.

Convenient & Easy

Doesn’t present the inconvenience of either having to leave your furniture in the house for sale, or the hefty price tag of hiring furniture for staging and showings.

Broader Market

Unfurnished houses can be shown at a moment’s notice. This generally means that they can be shown more frequently, which means a sale might be more likely.

Disadvantages of Selling an Unfurnished Home

Empty homes have a tendency to look smaller than furnished ones, while also appearing dull and lifeless. Some prospective buyers may have trouble visualizing how to furnish the home and feel overwhelmed with making all of those decisions themselves. Moving is already a stressful endeavor, so buyers may prefer a faster and easier transition. 

Looks Smaller

Unfurnished homes tend to appear smaller than already furnished homes. 

No Charm Factor

Unfurnished homes don't exude the charm and livability of well furnished homes. 


Unfurnished homes expose every blemish and imperfection in a home.

Selling Vacation Homes and Second Homes

If you are selling a vacation property or a second home, you should consider selling the place with fixtures, furniture, and décor. Potential buyers often don’t have furniture for a beach house and are generally more amenable to pre-owned furniture. For primary residences, buyers generally want to bring their own style and energy to a space because they will spend more time there, and have their friends and family over to visit.

You can read more about the considerations involved in selling your home furnished or unfurnished here. If you're selling a home in the Topsail, NC area, let Century 21 Action be your Topsail Island realty experts. We're here to help! Contact our sales team today

Which do you prefer? furnished or unfurnished?

Do Furnished Homes Have an Advantage on the Market? | Century 21 Action

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