Have Pet, Will Travel to Topsail

Man's best friend is known for loyalty, companionship, unconditional love and unending affection. But when is the last time you took your four-legged friend, no scratch that, your four-legged family member on a much-deserved vacation?

Your pet's tireless devotion often goes unrewarded. Yeah a pat on the head, a rub of the belly, an occasional treat and a new toy are all nice gestures, but they only go so far. Why not take it up a notch?

Pet-friendly Topsail Island is a dream vacation for your dog. Wide open beaches, uncrowded shores, salty sea breezes, cool refreshing Atlantic waters and plenty of room to roam are some of the drawing points of a pet vacation in our local paradise.

The off-season on Topsail Island has its advantages, too. It's a little less crowded on our beaches, the temperatures are delightful (no need to pant the day away, incessantly lapping up water), the hot summer sands have cooled making it much more comfortable for sensitive paw pads, and leash laws are a little less restrictive on some of our beaches this time of year (woo-hoo!).

When considering accommodation options, if you're contemplating anything other than a beach vacation rental, then you're barking up the wrong tree. Topsail's pet-friendly vacation rentals offer the island oasis you and Fido are looking for. Decks with ocean views, outdoor showers for your pet's convenience, and fireplaces to cozy up to are just some of the amazing amenities you'll find. Convenient locations put you right on or near the beach, so there are plenty of opportunities to take in the sun, sand and surf just by embarking on a short walk  right outside the door of your beach house.

Topsail has a nice selection of pet-friendly places that you'll want to add to your itinerary. Enjoy some of the local restaurants, schedule a day at the doggy spa, or just stroll Soundside Park. The locals are friendly and welcoming, and the coastal scenery is out of this world.

Think of the bonding you and your furry friend can experience, the quality time spent together and the memories in the making. He will most certainly appreciate a little down time to put his paws in the water and his nose in the sand. Most importantly, you'll both return home refreshed, renewed and with a relaxed spirit, and eager to plan your next trip to our North Carolina shores.

Interested in learning more about Topsail Island's pet-friendly policies? Click here.

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