How to Declutter Your Home (and Your Life)

How to Declutter Your Home (and Your Life)

Decluttering a home can seem like an utterly overwhelming task. You may not even know where to start. Don't worry, we all feel that way sometimes, especially when it comes to tackling large projects such as this. It's much easier to break down a monumental task into simpler, smaller ones. We have some of the best tips to help you get started on decluttering your home and your life. Whether it's just a small area of your home that needs attention or the whole thing, you'll find these tips extremely helpful. We've also added in some really amazing resources for minimizing your stuff and staying on top of the constant clutter that accumulates in your home over time to help you along the way, no matter which point you're at right now. 
Here's how to do it!


Take 5Give Away

Take five minutes to set a timer and spend all of that time focused on one area of decluttering. Don't know where to start? Check out these 5-minute decluttering tips. You will be so surprised how much you can accomplish in a mere five minutes of mindful decluttering! It's a great strategy to use with your kids, too. Make a game of it and see what they can accomplish.

Give Away One Thing Every Day

We can all find one thing in our homes that we just don't use. Why not choose one of those items every single day and give it a new home, one where it can actually be used and appreciated? After a year's time, you will have relocated 365 things you don't really need. Easy and effective, right? 

Fill a Trash Bag

Whether the bag is actually trash or it's going to Goodwill, grab a trash bag and see how fast you can fill it. It's a quick and easy way to get rid of unwanted things whether it's junk or another person's potential treasure. This is another great strategy to help your kids declutter their rooms. Have them fill a trash bag with things they don't want or use and you've quickly accomplished a decluttering task in minutes. 

Try the Hanger ExperimentHanger Experiment

When it comes to your clothes closet, one of the best ways to determine what you really wear and what you don't is by turning all of your clothes hangers in the reverse direction. As you wear an item of clothing, turn the item back to the correct-facing position. After six months, or a year at most, you'll have an exact idea of what you've worn and what you haven't. Get rid of what you didn't wear because if you haven't worn it in a year's time are you seriously ever going to wear it? Probably not.

Take the 12-12-12 Challenge

Find 12 things to donate, 12 things to throw away, and 12 things to relocate to their proper home. Bam! You've just organized 36 things in minutes. This is another good one for the kiddos to participate in.

The Four Box Method

This is an effective way to organize every single room in your home. Label four boxes: Trash, Give Away, Keep, Relocate. Go through every item in a particular room and put each item in one of the four boxes. Consider the true value and use of each item. Some will be easier to place than others and some will take more time than others, but once you're done you'll know what you truly need and what needs to go.
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Are you in the midst of decluttering your home or your life? Do you have any good tips or tricks to add to this list?


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