How to Easily Identify Your Catch of the Day

How to Easily Identify Your Catch of the Day

So you want to go fishing on Topsail Island, but you're not sure how to identify the fish that you catch. What do you do? No worries! We have 4 ways to ensure that you know what you're catching. Here are our top 4 tips for easily identifying your catch of the day. All it takes is a little proactive planning and you'll be good to go. But to go fishing, you have to be here—book your Topsail Island rental today and get ready for some amazing NC fishing adventures!

Fishing Identification Guide from NC Division of Marine Fisheries | Topsail Rentals Online

1. Do some advance research.

The first step is getting yourself familiar with the types of fish found in the Eastern North Carolina Atlantic Ocean waters. Take some time to get to know what you might reel in, what they look like, and they're identifying characteristics. If you need a place to get started, the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries offers up some really helpful and free resources for your information. Check out their Anglers Guide and Fish Identification resources by clicking here.

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2. Know which fish are in season in Topsail, NC.

Depending on when you'll be fishing in the Topsail, NC waters affects the type of fish you are most likely to catch. Get to know the Topsail fishing seasons and which fish are commonly in the water during that time. The Surf City Ocean Pier has a seasonal fishing chart for your information, as do other online sources. Take a few minutes to get to know what's swimming along the island in winter, spring, summer and fall so you can know what to expect when you cast your line.

NC Saltwater Fishing Guide from Amazon | Topsail Rentals Online

3. Have a fish identification guide with you.

It's helpful to have a pocket-sized waterproof fish identification guide with you for quick and easy reference, especially if you're a beginner. You can find them locally and online. Pack it along with your fishing gear and pull it out when you need some help identifying what you've reeled in. We like this Saltwater Fishes of North Carolina inshore and offshore guide, which is available on Amazon for under $10. 

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4. There's an app for that.

Last but certainly not least, there's an app for that! In this age of technology, you can find apps that will help you understand what you can keep and what you can't for the area you're fishing in, help you identify your catch, log your catch, and so much more. The Fish Rules app is one of several that can help guide you on what you need to know. The Fish Verify app is currently ready for use in Florida but developing its app for NC as well—allowing you to take a photo of your fish, then run it through the database to identify it for you in a matter of seconds. Stay tuned!


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How to Easily Identify Your Catch of the Day

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