How to Make Your Beach House the Best It Can Be

How to Make Your Beach House the Best it Can Be

Whether you own a summer beach house, an investment property or a beach vacation rental, it's important that you give your home a little TLC before the busy summer season arrives. With family and friends visiting or vacationers and guests arriving, getting your beach house in tip-top shape before all of the hustle and bustle of summertime hits is very necessary. Take care of it and it will take care of you. The time is now!

So exactly what do you need to do? We can help. Here's how to make your beach house the best it can be.

Give Your House the Once Over

Stand back and it give your beach house a once over inside and out. Make a mental or physical note of which things stand out as needing immediate attention. Put them on the high priority list. Does your fence need repainting? Entryway need sprucing up? Area rug need replacing?

Anything that looks as its worn, broken or just out of date is high priority on your to-do list. Repair or replace those things as needed, whether they're on the exterior or interior of your property.

Organize Inside and OutOrganize

Now is the time to optimize your space and minimize your clutter. Take inventory of what you have, if you so desire. This is especially helpful with vacation rentals to keep track of your belongings and to keep on top of what you need. A simple spreadsheet or list will do just fine.

Streamline your beach house to help make it have a flawless look and for ease of cleaning, organizing and maintaining. Summers are busy! You don't want to spend too much of your time focusing on these things once the busy beach season arrives. Less really is more. Eliminate what you don't use or need, or what your vacation rental guests won't find necessary and you'll have more space, openness and more polished, clean look to your home.

Clean, Baby, Clean

Give your beach house a little extra tender loving care with a deep, thorough cleaning before you have your family, friends or guests coming in and out all summer long. It's the perfect time to freshen up the interior by opening up all of the windows to let the fresh air in and giving yourself some good ventilation for all of your cleaning products during the cleaning process. Clean, Baby, Clean

Here's a quick list of what and where to clean for a good spring cleaning or deep cleaning of your home any time of the year:
  • Deep clean carpets, floors, upholstery
  • Clean from top to bottom of each room, including ceiling fans, light switches and window ledges
  • Dust everything, wash extra-dusty items for a more thorough clean 
  • Wipe down all surface areas
  • Thoroughly clean appliances inside and out, check that they work as they should
  • Shine up and wax wooden floors and furniture
  • Wash windows, screens, blinds and window treatments

>>Click here for a complete Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Vacation Rental.<<

Elevate Your Outdoor Space

The exterior of your beach house and the surrounding elements are what your guests see first upon arrival. Make it the best it can be and leave a positive first impression by paying special attention to the curb appeal of your property. You're at the beach so spending time outside is a given. Elevate it to the next level with a clean, finished appearance and brighten up focal points like entryways, porch and decks, and pool areas.

For general cleaning and maintenance of the exterior, you'll want to:

  • Spruce up your landscaping, cut the grass, use plants and flowers for colorful accents
  • Power wash decks and porches to make them sparkling clean and ready to use
  • Deep clean your grill and have it oiled, primed and ready to go
  • Clean up outdoor furniture
  • Dress up your doorways, add eye appeal

System CheckSystem Check

You will definitely want to take time to check all of the major systems in your beach house to ensure they're in proper working order or have the scheduled maintenance and check-ups they need for optimal performance. Don't wait for a problem to happen, instead be proactive and take preventative action now.

Major system checks you'll want to perform in your beach house include:

  • Check A/C system, schedule any routine maintenance
  • Prep and clean your pool
  • Clean air vents, ceiling fans, exhaust systems
  • Check/test/replace smoke detector batteries
  • Fire up the grill, have propane tanks and/or charcoal ready for use
  • Make sure all appliances work
  • Schedule exterminator appointments as needed

Once you've done all of these things, you can feel confident and secure that your beach home is ready to go this summer season. Being proactive is the key to a relaxing, successful and carefree beach house. Now, you can enjoy your summer!


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How to Make Your Beach House the Best It Can Be

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