How to Make Your Topsail Rental More Marketable

How to Make Your Topsail Rental More Marketable

The vacation rental market is highly competitive. In a sea of beautiful beach homes, cozy cottages, modern condos and endless vacation rentals, what can you do to ensure that your Topsail rental (or any vacation rental for that matter) gets noticed? That's a really excellent question and one that is important to consider. We've outlined the best ways to make your Topsail vacation rental more marketable to potential guests and vacationers. Here's how to do it.


Enlist the help of real estate marketing professionals. Real Estate Marketing and Social Media


Tap into the resources and experience that a quality vacation rental company has to offer. Why do all of the work yourself? Share the load by hiring a rental management company or consult with a local real estate agent. When you sign-on with a real estate or vacation rental company, you're gaining access to all of their resources, their team of professionals, and their already established real estate audience. You can't put a price on experience, either. Market smarter, not harder!


Get social.


Social media is king when it comes to getting the word out on just about any topic these days. The same goes for marketing your vacation rental. Expand your audience and garner the attention that comes from likes, shares and overall social media exposure when you're part of the popular social media outlets like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram just to name a few. If you have a property management company marketing your rental, be sure that they are making use of the social media and getting your rental out there on as many platforms as possible. You'll also gain exposure to their followers and reach an audience that extends well beyond what you could do on your own.


Feature high quality photos of the vacation rental.High Quality Photos


We are a visually driven generation used to assessing and processing images on a daily basis through the increase of technology and its variety of uses. That's why high quality photos are absolutely necessary and are what guests and vacationers need to gain an accurate picture of a property they haven't yet seen in person. Feature the highlights of your vacation rental while also giving a comprehensive, realistic and current view of the rental property. A picture speaks a thousand words and high quality pictures are well worth your time, whether you take them yourself or hire someone to do them for you.


Add a video walk-through of the rental property.


Adding a video feature to your marketing gives and added edge with a realistic perspective of the vacation rental and what it has to offer its potential guests and renters. Just like photos, you need to make sure the video is high quality and professionally done. Please don't let it resemble the film the Salem Witch Project where viewers end up dizzy, queasy and confused after viewing your video clip. If a picture speaks a thousand words, just think of what a well-shot video can do for your vacation rental.


Be technology forward.Technology Forward


It's imperative to offer the technology your guests will want access to while on vacation. Technology-free vacations are a nice sentiment, but how many people actually do that in this day and age? Probably not too many. You need to at least offer the basics like free wifi access, cable TV and other staples that most people are used to having at home. A secure vacation rental is attractive to many families who don't want to worry about their valuables when they're out and about, so if you have a security system be sure to highlight that in your marketing plan also. Try to stay a step ahead of other rentals in the area by offering technology that they do not, thereby giving your rental an added edge in the rental market.


Think like a guest.


Step out of your own shoes and put yourself in the place of a guest. What would you want and need from a vacation rental? What would be the first impressions of your rental from a newcomer's point of view? Is there anything negative that stands out that would leave a bad impression? Think about these things and make modifications when necessary. It is so much better to be proactive than to receive a negative comment or review from guests after their stay. It's also important to note that vacationers want the luxuries of a vacation (that they may not have access to at home), while still having all of the comforts of home. Make sure you have an appropriate mix of both so that your renters have what they need, plus a little more.


Be unique and tell a story.Be Unique


Make your rental memorable by connecting with others in a meaningful way. You can do that in many ways. Give your vacation rental a name; one that reflects your rental and resonates with your guests. Tell a story that connects with your guests on an emotional level, and they'll be much more likely to remember your property. You can even have a short welcome book available to your guests upon arrival giving them a little more insight into the property, its history or significance, or just a short synopsis how it came to be and why it's special to you, your family and your guests. Be sure to share any unique or outstanding qualities of your rental that set it apart from the rest. That way, you'll form a good initial impression of your rental while also leaving a positive lasting impression—both of which are extremely important.


Encourage guest feedback and share it.


Your best advertisers are the other guests who have stayed in your vacation rental. Word of mouth and positive written feedback on your property, including on social media sites (see point #2 of this article) are some of the best marketing tools around—not to mention some of the most honest and respected, since they come from those who've actually stayed in the property and have first-hand experience. Use them to your advantage! When people are researching places to stay, you can bet they're going to read the reviews of the rental properties and what other people have to say. Positive feeback is the goal, of course. But if for some reason you receive negative feedback, be sure to act on it and address the issue, be responsive and communicate that its been resolved, so others reading it will feel reassured. It is not wise to ignore or get upset about it, as that will drive potential guests away. Again, be as proactive as possible and not reactive. 


If you put these vacation rental marketing strategies into action, you are guaranteed to give your rental the presence it deserves and amp up the rental potential of your property. Let us know if you employ any of these strategies, or feel free to add more ideas to our list. We want to hear your experience!


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What's one thing you can do today to make your Topsail rental more marketable? Do it!

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