How to Name Your Topsail Beach House in 3 Easy Steps

If you're the owner of a Topsail beach home, then you know the importance of finding a fitting name for your beach house—one that is not only a good reflection of the essence of your home but also an a name that stands out from the rest. Not to mention if your beach house is also a vacation rental, its name plays a part in your marketing strategy. So with all of this in mind, how do you pick a name for your beach house? Follow these three easy steps and start brainstorming the best name for yours.

1. Give your beach home an identity.

Think about what quality or ambiance you want your beach house to be associated with. Relaxation? Escape? Family? History? Fun? Humor? Location? There are many ways to give your home a unique identity of its own. 

The name of your beach house represents your home in many ways.

  • The name is your beach vacation rental brand. Think of it like a logo. The name is a short, succinct way for others to get a first impression of your beach house or vacation rental and what it represents. Even if your beach home is not a rental, the name of your beach house makes a lasting impression on your family and friend and leaves a lasting impression more so than just referring to it as "the beach house".
  • The name is your beach home's face to the world. A memorable name is a simple yet powerful way to attract future guests and keep the ones you've already had coming back to your vacation rental. You want your beach home to stand out, and a great name is an easy way to do just that. Again, even if your beach house is not a vacation rental, a catchy name is still a good way to give life and personality to your vacation home.
  • The name tells your beach home's story. You'll read more about this later in this article, but your beach home's name is the like the title of the story you're about to tell to your visitors and guests. Once they know a little bit about the home, you can draw them in further with adding more of your home's story once they arrive. (More on how to do that in #3.)
  • The name should be unique. Be sure to avoid any possible confusion by guests, vendors, or anyone else that might need to find your property by picking a completely unique name. Confusion often ensues when a property name matches another or even closely matches another. A different play on words, different spellings of existing property name, or adding/deleting an additional word to an existing name usually results in missed opportunities—and problems. A quick Google search of your name idea including the town or island will often help avoid close matches.

2. Do your research.

Dig into the history behind your beach house. Is there anything noteworthy? Interesting? Worth telling your guests about? That's a great place to start on your search for the perfect beach house name. Go ahead and let your guests get to know your place a little bit better by including some historical elements from the home (if you have them) and the significance behind them. 

Take it a step further and do a short writeup about the home's history and origins and tell the story of how it became yours. Leave it on a coffee table or in a place where your guests can pick it up and read it at their leisure. Include photos of the past to make it even more interesting. You can include a section for guests to leave their thoughts and to write a short memoir of their stay.

During this process, you will most likely find some potential names that might be a good fit for your home. Make a list of possible candidates, then share your ideas with others to get their input and opinions.

3. Tell your story.

Finally, you want to tell your story—along with your beach home's story. Choose a name that reflects the essence of what the beach home means to you and your family. You'll find that beach house names fall inot a one of several general categories.

  • Historic, Nostalgic or Sentimental Names: A beach house can be named after its original history or what it was called in times past. Examples include names like Hanover House, The Beach Shack, and The Dock House.
  • Names That Reflect the Location: A name that reflects the location of your beach home. Examples include A Wave From It AllTurtle Point, and Topsail Dunes.
  • Coastal Word Plays & Puns: Witty word plays and humorous anecdotal names are popular, and often quite memorable, choices for beach houses. Examples include Coast is ClearReel Blessed, and Seas the Moment.
  • Song Lyrics and Movies Title Names: Beach homes that quote a famous movie line or popular song lyric are catchy ways to get people to remember the name of your place. Examples include Walkin' on Sunshine, It's Five O'Clock Somewhere, and Cocktails & Dreams.
  • Names That Reflect the Owner: A beach home named after the owner's profession or interests gives insight and reflects the people behind the house. Examples include Chairman of the BoardCarver's Shady Cove, and Tommy and Dee's.
  • Exotic or Tropical Names: Names in other languages or with tropical elements are commonly used in beach house names. Examples include Sur La Mer, Tres Palmas, and Big Kahuna.
  • Names That Put You in a Beach State of Mind: Names that conjure up images of relaxation, a stress-free mindset, and a laid-back attitude are often reflected in beach house names. Examples include Living the DreamNo Regretz, and On Island Time.

We hope this helps guide you in choosing the perfect name for your beach abode! Have you already named a beach house? If so, how did you go about it? We'd love to hear you input. Our comment section is always open.

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