How to Bring Attention to Your Vacation Rental

How to Bring Attention to Your Vacation Rental

If you currently own a second home in the Topsail, NC area or you're looking to purchase an investment property that you plan to use as a vacation rental, then you'll want to read this first. The vacation rental market is a very competitive one, so you definitely want to make sure you're doing it right. Rent smarter, not harder! Bringing attention to your vacation rental is the first step in gaining solid bookings in the process of making your investment a profitable one. Here are the best ways to give your gorgeous vacation rental the spotlight it deserves. 

1. Hire an experienced local property management company.

Unless you are willing and able to invest the time and energy to manage a vacation rental property yourself, then you'll want to look for a reputable, experienced property management company in the area where your investment property is located. A full-service property management company does pretty much everything. They handle the up-front work of making a home guest ready, market the property, the details of the lease between the owner and the renter, are on call for emergencies, handle repairs, collect rent, and if the owner decides to sell, the company can handle that too. A good property management company essentially makes your life as a vacation rental owner a whole lot easier.

2. Ensure your investment property marketing is top notch.

Marketing matters. Giving your vacation rental high visibility on the rental market in order to garner the largest pool of potential bookings is top priority, especially if this is your investment property. Marketing includes advertising your vacation rental in places where it will be seen, making it visible on popular social media platforms, taking professional photos of the exterior and interior, as well as reading and responding to reviews of the property. These are just a few of the many ways to keep your vacation rental marketing the best it can be. Good marketing looks easy but requires a good chunk of time and attention to detail that will make your vacation rental get noticed, which then leads to more bookings and less vacancies.

3. Be consistent with the vacation rental product & process.

Your vacation guests will expect a "what you see is what you get" vacation rental process. What you're advertising about your vacation rental should absolutely meet the expectations of your guests. Be accurate with your advertising and be clear about what your vacation rental does and does not offer. You'll also want to provide your guests with a smooth rental process and offer that same consistency for returning guests who want to rebook for the following year. Have a contact person that is available to help guests get settled in, answer questions, and be available if a need or problem arises. (If you can't provide those things for your guests personally, then refer back to #1.)


4. Provide a place for guest feedback & reviews.

Being open to guest feedback and being willing to accept constructive criticism will only make your vacation rental better. Viewing your rental from a guest's perspective helps you to obtain a glimpse of how others view your property. It also gives insight into what the strengths of your rental are and where you can make changes and improvements. It's important to provide a place for guests to leave their feedback, whether it's privately in the rental itself or on a more public forum like a social media page. If your ultimate goal is to make your investment property the best it can be, then it's important to be open to the changes that will make it that way. Your future guests will thank you!


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How to Bring Attention to Your Vacation Rental

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