Relax and Stay Awhile: Amazing Long-Term Rentals on Topsail Island


Sometimes you dream about vacationing on Topsail Island. Sometimes you dream about moving to Topsail Island. Did you know there's a happy medium between the two? There is.

Long-term vacation rentals on Topsail Island offer the best of both worlds and present the ideal compromise: more than a vacation but less than a permanent investment.

Interested in learning more? Read on and see if Topsail long-term rentals are just right for you.


More Time on Topsail

Who doesn't want to spend more time on the beach? Seriously? Extending your stay on Topsail Island is easy and long-term rentals give you the chance to relax and stay awhile.

Maybe you want to extend your summer vacation for more than just two short weeks. Perhaps you'd like to spend extra quality time with your loved ones and invite the whole family to join you. You might be looking to escape the northern winter months and find reprieve on our island. Or just maybe you're looking to rent a place for a year and really get to know what Topsail is all about.

Whatever your reasons, Century 21 Action Topsail's long-term rentals are the sweet spot between vacation rentals and real estate.


A Beach Home without the Commitment

Have you dreamed of owning a beach home? Have you wondered what it would be like to wake up to sea breezes, sandy shorelines and crashing waves on a daily basis? Long-term rentals can help you live your dream without the long-term commitment or the financial investment that come with it.

Century 21 Action's long-term rentals are available in every size imaginable in locations on Topsail Island and beyond. North Topsail Beach? Surf City? Topsail Beach? We have them! We even offer options that extend off-island onto the mainland in Sneads Ferry, Hampstead and Holly Ridge. Amenities abound, so you can be sure to find the comforts of home during your stay, whether it be for a few months or for a year.


Exploring Your Options

There is no better way to get to know an area than to live there for a period of time. Vacations are a wonderful way to start, but that short amount of time rarely gives you the full picture. Get to know Topsail and the surrounding coastal Carolina region and explore your options while you're here. See if island living and beach life are for you!

Take the time to get familiar with Topsail Island, its beaches, its towns, its people and its community on an intimate level. Interact with day-to-day life here and experience what we're all about. Staying in a long-term rental opens up a world of possibilities to you and gives you slice of island life that won't soon be forgotten.

You may even decide it's where you want to be permanently. That's great! The next step is to peruse the Topsail real estate scene and see what listings are out there. What a convenient way to explore the Topsail real estate market while you're actually here on the island. Need help? Contact our Century 21 Action real estate agents and they'd be more than happy to assist you in your quest.


Planning for the Future

Another added benefit of staying in a long-term rental on Topsail Island is the ability to plan ahead for your future. If you know you'll be back again, you have the time and convenience to further explore your options. Maybe next year you'd like to stay in a different beach town. Maybe you're looking to retire in a few years and think the beach life is for you. Or maybe your job is relocating you nearby and you want to find the ideal place to put down some roots.

Topsail Island is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, its welcoming community, its safety, and its convenience to the bigger cities of nearby Wilmington and Jacksonville, North Carolina. You can take advantage of all of the conveniences of city life combined with the laid-back attitude and lifestyle that comes with living at the beach.

Are you ready to take the next step? Peruse Century 21 Action Topsail's long-term rentals and see what we have to offer. Consider what the future may hold for you and start planning now. Let us know if we can help!

Have you stayed in a long-term rental on Topsail Island?


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