Simple and Stylish Ways to Beautify Your Beach House

Simple and Stylish Ways to Beautify Your Beach House

Trends come and go but true style is timeless. Today we're taking a look at the 2020 home design and decor trends in order to help you to incorporate them into your beach house without breaking the bank or being "too trendy" (and out of date in a few short years). Here are some simple and beautiful ways to take this year's home trends and incorporate them into your Topsail Island beach home. Here's how to do it!

2020 Pantone Color of the Year Classic Blue | Century 21 Action Topsail NC Real Estate

Use the "Color of the Year" Wisely

Every year has its "color of the year" by Pantone and other big names in paint and interior decor. While this year's color happens to go wonderfully with a beach-style theme, you may not want to invest your time or money in changing your entire home's color to suit this trend. Instead, strategically use popular colors in less expensive and time consuming ways in your home: throw pillow, rugs, wall decor, and the like. That way, you can stay trendy but still be able to easily change and modify your home's look without much time or expense.

Earthtones in Bedroom Decor 2020 Trend | Century 21 Action Topsail NC Real Estate

Stay Neutral

Gray has been a huge tonal trend for a few years now. While experts say that this trend is waning, it's still going to be seen in homes for years to come. With that being said, cooler grays are currently being replaced by warmer gray tones and other earthy neutrals. Earth tones like terracotta and beige, and lush colors like forest green and navy blue will be trendy choices for 2020. So before you repaint that wall, refinish those cabinets, or buy new furniture and accent pieces for your room, you may want to further explore the trends.

Minimal Coastal Home Design and Decor | Century 21 Action Topsail NC Real Estate

Minimal But Comfortable

Minimalism isn't going anywhere, but it is being paired with a more welcoming, cozy and comfortable approach. Clutter kills any room no matter what the current trend, but going too minimal and stark is not always the best for your home. Keeping the key pieces in your room that you love and serve a specific purpose, while also adding comfy and cozy elements that make you and your guests feel at home is the fine balance you're looking for this year. After all, it is a home so it should feel like one.

Natural Elements and Materials for Home Decor | Century 21 Action Topsail NC Real Estate

Au Naturel Design & Materials

Natural and clean materials like linen and rattan will be a big trend for 2020 and can easily be integrated into any room by way of accessories and d├ęcor like pillows, trays, curtains and more. Natural stone will still be a big trend in 2020, however, for elements like pavers, large and simple ones will replace ornate trends of the past. Composite decking is as always a popular choice for its longevity and low maintenance. If there's anyway you can add eco-friendly design materials into your home, you'll always be on trend and in style.

Merging the outside and inside with a Topsail oceanfront deck | Century 21 Action Topsail NC Real Estate

The Merging of Indoor/Outdoor

Bringing outdoor elements inside and taking indoor elements outside creates a seamless merging of the natural environment and your home in a beautiful and stylish way. Whether it's an outdoor kitchen or outdoor living space, an indoor atrium or sunny plant-filled space, or an outdoor deck with fabulous views where you can take advantage of your home's tie to the natural world, these trends will continue for years to come. Find what best works for your home and its environment so the two work together to become one beautiful living space.


Simple and Stylish Ways to Beautify Your Beach House

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