How to Social Distance While Living Your Best Beach Life

How to Social Distance While Living Your Best Beach Life

Beach life has its advantages—as we've talked about many, many times on this blog. Even in these ever-changing days and times where beach rules and regulations fluctuate from season to season, there are always ways to enjoy the beach. Here are some ways to make the best of beach life even when you have to keep a safe social distance from others. Topsail Island, North Carolina gives us plenty of opportunities to get outside and soak up the sun, inhale the salty air, and explore the beauty of the island. Topsail Island beach life is the best life!

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1. Read up on the latest Topsail Island beach rules & regs. 

Topsail Island consists of 3 individual beach towns in 2 differing counties. The towns of North Topsail Beach, Surf City, and Topsail Beach, though similar, are distinct and separate jurisdictions each with their own set of beach rules and regulations. Before you head out onto the beach or into town, be sure you know what is expected. Each Topsail town has its own website and Facebook page, so follow the links above for current updates and information.

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2. Go outside often (but keep a safe distance from others). 

Get out there and soak up the vitamin D while feeling the sun on your face. Take a deep breath of the that fresh, salty air. Repeat. Whether you're outside on your oceanfront deck, taking a stroll on the beach, casting your surf fishing line, or heading out on your next shelling or shark tooth hunting adventure, there are so many Topsail beach activities you can enjoy while keeping a safe social distance from others. Enjoy the great outdoors!

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3. Go coastal with your exercise routine.

Biking, hiking, running, walking, yoga on the beach, paddling out on the local waters, surfing the Atlantic Ocean—however you like to get active and get in your daily exercise—go coastal and take it outside where you can enjoy the best of the sun, sand and sea. Go ahead and get creative with your exercise routine or try something new that gets your heart rate climbing and your adrenaline pumping. It's so good for you!

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4. Enjoy the beach activities you love in a new way.

You can still enjoy a majority of the beach activities you know and love, but it may be in a slightly new and different way. Be flexible, stay positive, be mindful of those around you, and stay informed of the changing days and times. You can still live your best beach life! Share a smile, give a friendly wave, be a good steward of the people and places that surround you. Thank you for taking care of our beaches, towns and all those who choose to visit, vacation, or reside on Topsail Island. We appreciate you!


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How to Social Distance While Living Your Best Beach Life

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