7 Secrets of the Most Successful Vacation Rentals

7 Secrets of the Most Successful Vacation Rentals

If you are the owner of Topsail, NC real estate and have decided that your beach house would make a great vacation rental, then this blog post is definitely for you. Today we're talking about what makes a vacation rental rise above the rest in a very competitive market. Here are some of the secrets of successful vacation rentals and what you can do to level up your Topsail beach house to its fullest rental potential. Century 21 Action Topsail Real Estate would be honored to be the property manager for your Topsail Island vacation rental home. Contact us today! 

1. A Business Not a Hobby

Successful vacation rental owners think of their rental as a business endeavor and not just a hobby. That translates to having a marketing plan, being professional and consistent, meeting financial goals, and having a reliable booking system in place. If that feels like a lot for you to manage on your own, that's where an experienced local property management company can step in and help lighten the load. 

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2. Responsive Communication

Communicating with your vacation rental clients clearly and in a timely manner is crucial to managing a successful rental. In this technological age, we are a society that has grown accustomed to instant gratification. That means potential guests expect vacation rental inquiries and bookings to be expedient. Otherwise, they'll quickly move on to the next vacation rental site or booking. Responsive communication in all areas of the vacation rental process—from start to finish—is vital. 

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3. Guests Feel Like They Matter

Guest satisfaction is a huge factor in the success of your vacation rental. Repeat business and positive reviews are going to make your rental stand out among the vacation rental crowd of competition. Valuing your guests and understanding their needs and wants is important, as is being responsive when things may not go as smoothly as you'd like. Vacation rental guests are part of your rental's future legacy, so treat them as such.

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4. Well-Marketed & Well-Managed

Making your vacation rental visible to your potential guests is the first step in attracting bookings, so that's why it is really important that you have a professional marketing system in place. A well-marketed vacation rental is going to have the advantage in a very competitive market. A well-managed vacation rental should already include this—so if your property management company doesn't, it's time to make a change.

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5. Most Wanted Vacation Rental Amenities

Amenities matter! Part of the draw of one vacation rental over another is the amenities that are offered. Vacation rental amenities are part of what your guests are searching for when selecting a rental that best suits their needs and wants. You definitely want to make sure that your amenities are highlighted in your vacation rental listing and clearly noted. Pools, fireplaces, outdoor decks and patios, spa tubs, outdoor showers, and pet-friendly accommodations are some of the many popular amenities that are highly sought after.

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6. Luxuries of a Vacation Plus the Comforts of Home

One of the driving reasons that travelers opt for a vacation rental over a hotel/motel stay is for the added comforts of home. Let's face it, it's really nice to have a vacation rental kitchen for your convenience, more room and privacy for all the members of your family, and a stay that is more customized and personalized to what you really want on a vacation. It's those little touches that mean a lot, so making your vacation rental feel both luxurious and like home is the perfect balance that will have your guests wanting to come back year after year.

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7. Leave a Lasting (Good) Impression

Your goal is to have your vacation rental guests feeling like they don't want to leave. Ever. In the very least, you want them coming back for more as a repeat renter—and booking their next year's vacation in your rental right away. It's also nice when their family and friends ask for rental recommendations that they immediately think of your vacation rental and its amenities. That means that the big things and the little things matter, so be sure that you're constantly looking at your rental from a guest's perspective and making necessary changes and improvements along the way to ensure that your rental stays competitive—and memorable.

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7 Secrets of the Most Successful Vacation Rentals

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