The Most Refreshing Start to the New Year You Could Ever Have on Topsail Island

The Most Refreshing Start to the New Year You Could Ever Have on Topsail Island 

The Dolphin Dip LogoAre you looking to start the New Year off with a splash on Topsail Island? Do you want to know the most refreshing way to do that? Then we have the perfect January 1 activity for you! The Surf City Dolphin Dip Extravaganza is an annual event that starts your New Year on the beach in true Topsail style.


Ready to learn more? Here's everything you need to know about one of America's biggest New Year's Day swim events. It's under a month away, so start making your plans to be on Topsail Island now!

What is the Surf City Dolphin Dip?


Good question! If you're not familiar with the Surf City Dolphin Dip, it's a pretty big deal here on Topsail Island each January 1. Every New Year’s Day, people from all over gather at the Dolphin Dip Extravaganza on the beach in Surf City, North Carolina, with a nice, refreshing plunge into the Atlantic Ocean. At noon, a horn sounds and more than 6,000 people shrieking with delight run into the ocean to "wash away” the previous year. It’s fun. It's exhilarating. And yes, it's cold—but that's all part of the experience! It's free fun for the whole family (including your pets). Whether you plan to jump in or not, you can come on out and enjoy the entertainment either way. If you come early enough, you may even get to see dolphins swimming just off the pier.


The Dolphin Dip: Waiting to Begin


Where and when does all of the Dolphin Dip action happen?

Dolphin Dip festivities kick off at the Roland Avenue Beach Access in Surf City at 11a.m. The Dip happens at 12 noon sharp and there is no cost to attend.




Who will be at the Dolphin Dip Extravaganza?

Family, friends, neighbors, members of the community, visitors, vacationers, and total strangers who've never met before are all participants in the Dolphin Dip. Oh, and there are belly dancers, acrobats, pirates, and all kinds of crazy entertainers to get you pumped and ready for the big event. 




How should I dress for this epic Topsail event?


The Dolphin Dip: Running to the Water

You can dress however you'd like, but we'd encourage you to wear your craziest or most creative costume for the Dolphin Dip Extravaganza. Exciting, special, fun, fabulous prizes are awarded for the top costumes, so why not go all out? You must "Do the Dip” to be eligible. Go ahead and dress up for a chance to make your mark in history as an official Dolphin Dip Extravaganza Costume Contest Winner. Ultimate bragging rights are up for grabs! 

And maybe, just maybe, your costume will end up being warmer than wearing your swimsuit? Just sayin'. 

Does the Dolphin Dip benefit a good cause?


We're so glad you asked. Yes, each and every year! Proceeds from t-shirt sales at the Surf City Dolphin Dip benefit local charities. Past events have benefited Lower Cape Fear Hospice, Habitat for Humanity, and Hope for the Warriors. This year's event benefits the Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity. 

So you want to do the dip? Get your friends to sponsor your courage. If they don’t have the intestinal fortitude to do The Dip, let them live vicariously through you. Get all your friends to sponsor you in The Dip and raise even more money for a great cause!

Happy New Year! May it be refreshing, fun and wet...

*Photo Credit: The Dolphin Dip website and Dolphin Dip Facebook page

Are you doing The Dip this year on the beach in Surf City? We want to know! Don't forget to tell your family and your friends!

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