The Most Romantic Ways to Spend Your Time in Topsail

The Most Romantic Ways to Spend Your Time in Topsail 

Ahhhh, romantic and beautiful Topsail Island, North Carolina. It doesn't take much to find romance here with windswept shorelines, unending coastal views and the steady serenade of the waves meeting the sand. It's inherently lovely in and of itself. But what if you're looking for the most romantic ways to spend your time here in Topsail? Well, that's easy enough! Let us count the ways. 


In Your Rental 

In Your Topsail Island Vacation Rental

Sometimes you wouldn't think to describe your Topsail vacation rental as romantic—oh but it is! How to make the most of it is up to you, but here are a few ways to use it to its full potential during your romantic getaway to Topsail Island.  

Make the most of your rental amenities. Hopefully you've planned ahead and have considered the best amenities to set the romantic mood in your rentals. Oceanfront deck with a view? Hot tub or spa? Fireplace? Hammock? Room with a view? There are plenty of amenities to choose from, so think what will best work for you as a couple and how you'll want to spend your time. 

Set the romantic mood. It doesn't take much effort to go above and beyond the norm to make your getaway extra special. Think ahead and plan for the moments to come. Fresh flowers? Candlelight? A chilled bottle of champagne? Daily romantic strolls on the beach? Sunrises, sunsets or both? Have plenty or tricks up your sleeve to add the element of surprise during your days together. The little things means a lot!

Spend time together. Just spending time together is a romantic notion, isn't it? No distractions. No interruptions. No obligations. The focus is on the two of you and your time together. Make the most of it. Don't underestimate the value of spending time with the one you love the most savoring the sweet simplicity of each other's company. 

Make time for staying in. Dine in one evening and prepare your love's favorite meal. Or pick up the fresh catch of the day and plan to make dinner together in the comfort and convenience of your Topsail vacation rental. Pick up a romantic comedy from Redbox, put together some delicious snacks and finger food, cuddle up and have a movie night in as a couple. Catch a coastal sunrise and a sunset on the balcony of your rental as you sip wine and enjoy the views, as well as the company. These are just a few of the many ways to make the most of your date nights in.

Relax and reconnect. Sometimes daily life has a way of consuming your hours and before you know it, you and your partner are like two ships passing in the night. Take the opportunity to refocus on what's most important in your life and in your relationship. Relax together, unwind, destress and make it a priority to reconnect. This is the best gift you can give one another—the gift of your time and attention, while you refocus on what really matters in life. Your vacation-home-away-from-home sets the stage for all of this, and more.


On Topsail Beach 

On Topsail Beach

The beach is one of nature's most perfect and natural romantic settings. Stretches of coastline, crashing waves, salty sea breezes and sparkling waters bring out the beauty in everything. Spend as much as time as you can in the coastal elements and see its amorous effects. Here are some of our favorite ways to do that. 

Stroll the sand hand in hand. When is the last time you held your loved one's hand? Took a long walk together? Put your arm around your sweetheart and pulled her a little closer? These are simple yet meaningful ways to show your affection and build romance while you're doing it. It's these sweet, romantic gestures that you'll want to make sure are part of your time together. 

Wade the waters. Don't be afraid to roll-up your pant legs, kick off your shoes and get your feet wet. Wade the waters together, feel the power of the ocean under your feet, and the caress of the soothing, cooling waters against your skin. 

Pack a romantic picnic and take it to the beach. It doesn't have to be elaborate. Stop by a local store or farmers market and pick up a few picnic items to be enjoyed on the sand. Bring a beach blanket, towels or a couple of beach chairs, and experience al-fresco dining at its very best. You might want to consider doing this more than once during your trip. Try it one day for breakfast, another for lunch, another for dinner, and one night just bring dessert and wine. 

Take a nap. Snuggle up together on the sand with a beach blanket made for two. Lay back, close your eyes and fall asleep if you dare. You don't get to many opportunities that allow time for a nap, so take full advantage. 

Just sink your toes in the sand and enjoy the views together. You don't have to do much else than find your favorite spot on the beach, sit down and sink your toes in the sand while you enjoy the coastal majesty that lies right before your eyes. It never gets old and there's a different coastal color show each and every hour of the day.  


Around Town 

Around Town

You have your place to stay all ready to go. You have ideas for how to spend your time together and ways to make the most of your nights in. Now it's time for a few ways to add excitement by knowing where to go to for romantic date nights out on the island. North Topsail Beach, Surf City and Topsail Beach each have their own unique charm and character, so see if you can get out and experience a date night in each of these Topsail towns while you're here.  

Dining. Whether you're looking for cozy and quaint or trendy and cutting-edge, there are plenty of dining options for your nights out on Topsail Island. Coffee shops, local watering holes, bistros, cafes, restaurants and more are available to you. Peruse our Topsail Island restaurants and start making your plans for a special evening out. 

Nightlife. When it comes to the people's choice of the best local nightlife on the island, TripAdvisor has you covered. See what ranks high on the Topsail Island nightlife scene and view the popular favorites. 

Parks. Soundside Park offers some of the best sunset views around. Watch the glowing skylines, boats passing by, and see spectacular views of the Intracoastal Waterway whether you come here to walk, sit or just be together. Walk to the sound's edge, stroll the docks, plan a picnic, or drop a fishing line in the local waters. 

Piers. Each Topsail town still retains a fishing pier, so be sure to capitalize on the opportunity to stroll or fish a pier (or two or three) while you're here. The Seaview Pier is located in North Topsail Beach, the Surf City Pier is in the center of the island in Surf City, and the Jolly Roger Pier is in Topsail Beach toward the southern end of the island. 

Other Date Night Ideas on Topsail Island




Are you ready to start planning an epic romantic escape to Topsail Island, North Carolina? You can start right here by perusing our oceanfront Topsail rentals. Let us know if we can be of assistance. Cheers to romance, Topsail-Island style!

 What's your favorite way to spend a romantic day or evening on Topsail Island, NC? We'd love to hear it!

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