Top 10 Beach House Must-Haves You Need to Know

Does your Topsail beach house have these 10 design and decor elements that every coastal space should have? Let's find out! These ideas come straight from Coastal Living magazine, so take a few tips from the experts and make your beach house the best it can be. You might also want to pin these to your Pinterest page for future reference!

1. Unique Coastal Accents

We love this blue glass fish bowl from Kirtland's. It's just one idea for giving your home quintessential coastal charm.

2. An Inviting Outdoor Area 

Ah, we love these swings. Don't you? How fun to laze away the days right here. Every beach home needs an inviting outdoor space!

3. Beach House Books & Games

Make it easy for your guests to relax. Have a cozy place to keep a few good beach reads and fun games to play during their stay.

4. Something Blue

There are so many shades and so many ways to do this! Whether large or small, a touch of blue in your beach home is very necessary. 

5. Ocean-Inspired Art

Bring a little bit of the ocean's majesty inside your beach home. Ocean-inspired artwork can be the centerpiece you need.

6. A Little Bit of Whimsy

Bring a few conversation pieces into your beach home. A touch of whimsy adds uniqueness and fun to your beach decor. 

7. A Laid-Back Beach Vibe

Easy, breezy beach vibes are what you want your coastal home to exude. A cozy, comfy, carefree ambiance—the way it should be.

8. Comfy Furniture

Furniture matters! Make sure you beach home has comfortable furniture both indoors and outdoors. You will notice the difference and so will your guests.

9. Throw Rugs & Area Rugs

Whether bold and beautiful in design or soft and subtle in color, throw rugs and area rugs can define a space and add style.

10. A Memorable Name

What's in a beach house name? Just about everything! It's your home's unique identity, memorable motto and marketing brand. 

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