Two Topsail Towns Rise to the Top as the Best Budget-Friendly Beaches

Two Topsail Towns Rise to the Top as Best Budget Friendly Beaches

Topsail Island did it again! It's receiving good press for many reasons these days and it's no surprise to those of us who live, vacation, visit and already love it here. Two Topsail towns made TripAdvisor's list of 20 Affordable Summer Beach Destinations Across the USA: Surf City was in the top five at #5 on the list, while North Topsail Beach ranked in at #15.

Here's the inside scoop on why these two Topsail towns made the budget-friendly list, the average cost for a week's stay, and what makes them attractive and popular to vacationers. Both towns offer an affordable and enjoyable beach vacation without sacrificing anything you love about a stay at the beach.

The average weekly rate cited in the article reflects an average, estimated cost for a week-long stay in a two-bedroom property on Topsail Island between May 30, 2016 and September 5, 2016. So if you factor in the estimates for the two Topsail towns for a 7-day stay, you're looking at under $150 a night. You can bet that most hotels, motels and vacation rentals in prime beach locations across the nation go for much more than that during the prime summer season.

So, that's a huge part of the draw to our island. But wait, there's more!

Topsail is much less crowded, much more family oriented, and has optimal untouched coastal beauty in comparison to the larger, busier, and more popular East Coast beach vacation destinations. You get more beach for your money and less commercialization and urbanization overall. Win-win!

Now, back to what TripAdvisor had to say about our two wallet-friendly Topsail beach towns. Here are the highlights.

Surf City, NC Average Weekly Cost Estimate $1,018

"If you’ve always dreamed of carving up the surf like a pro, Surf City’s family-friendly beach—where the summertime waves are small and gentle—is the ideal spot to take a lesson or two. Pack up your beach gear before sunset to catch the vivid clouds from stroller-friendly Surf City Pier. And don’t forget to pop into the souvenir shop for some hand-dipped ice cream.

Don’t Miss: The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, which is bound to be a hit with kids and animal lovers. The volunteer-led tour of the hospital offers an opportunity to get up close and personal with rescued sea turtles while learning about how to protect the species."

North Topsail Beach, NC Average Weekly Cost Estimate $1,043

"Located on the barrier island of Topsail, North Topsail Beach has a reputation for attracting a wide variety of coastal wildlife. Instead of high-rise buildings and towering condos, you’ll find exceptional fishing, unobstructed birdwatching and sea turtle nests on the beach. Book a jet ski tour to see striking views of the whole island from the water.
Don’t Miss: Tiki Bar, a casual, open-air hangout spot. Start a game of beach volleyball or challenge your companions to a round of cornhole."
So there you have it. When TripAdvisor speaks, vacationers listen!

We're happy for the recognition of our beloved beach towns, but we have mixed feelings about the secret being out about our island paradise. We're always happy to share, but truly hope to maintain the quintessential beach vibe that was, is and will always be here in Topsail Island. If you vacation here or live here, you know exactly what we're talking about.

Cheers to Topsail Island! Will we be seeing you on our beautiful and affordable beaches this summer?

What makes you choose Topsail Island, North Carolina as a beach vacation destination? 

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