Property Descriptions for Topsail Island and The Greater Topsail Area

Ocean Front Homes Properties

Topsail Island offers 26 miles of oceanfront Homes. Oceanfront Homes are the most popular properties to purchase for investment purposes. These properties are very popular on the resort vacation rental market and generally rent for $600 to $7000 per week during the peak season. Oceanfront house prices generally fall into a sales price range between $300,000 and $1,250,000 with a majority of these properties between $500,000 and $750,000. Oceanfront lot prices start around $300,000 and go to $800,000. The advantages of oceanfront property include that they are the best rental investment, they have direct beach access, and they offer unparalleled ocean views.

Condos & Town Homes

Topsail offers many different Condo and Townhouse complexes to choose from, including the Surf Condos, Crosswinds, Serenity Point, South Beach Villas, Villa Capriani, St. Regis, Topsail Reef, the Topsail Dunes, the St. Moritz, Shipwatch, and more. Most of the Complexes are Oceanfront. Condos and Townhouses can be purchased for as little as $115,000 and extend to price range of $500,000. The advantages of purchasing a Condo or Townhouse include that they need no outside maintenance; they make good rental investments; and they offer a wide variety of amenities such as swimming pools, club rooms, tennis courts, private beach accesses, and more.

Second Row Properties

Second Row Properties offer an affordable solution to many investors and vacation home buyers. These properties are called second row because they are the second row of houses from the oceanfront, usually with a street and oceanfront properties between them. Second Row Lots have seen the greatest appreciation in recent years with prices more than doubling in the last several years.. The advantages of purchasing second row properties include that they have great investment potential, have easy beach access, have ocean views, and can be rented on the resort vacation rental market.

Island Interior Properties

Island Interior Properties are comprised of the most new properties. This area has seen the most new construction in recent years with Maritime Forest Subdivisions being developed up and down the island. These areas are very popular among year-round residents. Home prices for Interior Properties start at $160,000 *note deletions. The advantages of interior properties include the fact that many have ocean or Intracoastal waterway views, they are the most affordable, and they make ideal year-round and retirement homes.

Waterfront Properties

Waterfront properties in the Greater Topsail Area can consist of Intracoastal waterway property, canal-front, sound-front, creek-front, and/or marsh-front properties either on the island or on the mainland. These properties have become very hot in recent years as watersports have gained in popularity. The prices on these properties vary based on the depth of the water access they have available. The advantages of waterfront properties include direct access to the Intracoastal waterway, beautiful sunsets, and a short walk to the beach.

Mainland Properties

Topsail Island is separated from the mainland by the Intracoastal waterway. Mainland properties are very abundant and are comprised of a wide variety of different types of housing. Mainland homes can be purchased for as little as $45,000 and Lots start at around $20,000. The advantages of mainland property include that they: have the lowest prices, have the largest lots, and are a short distance to the island and beach.

Lots and Land

The Greater Topsail Island Area still offers many excellent buildable lots. There are undeveloped lots available in each area, from the oceanfront to the mainland. Lots make an excellent investment because they are easy to hold onto as they appreciate and require no maintenance. The other advantage of buying a lot is it gives you the opportunity to build your own island dream house.